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I provide a non-invasive, drug-free “neural stimulation program” designed to address individuals’ root causes of developmental delay rather than merely treating its symptoms. The brain plasticity offers a second chance to restart central nervous system development.


Once integrated, the brain is free to mature as nature intended, allowing for increased connections and function of higher centres of the brain. As the brain matures and functions as expected, the level of stress reduces, balance improves and noticeable changes are made in learning, behaviour and also at physical, sensory and emotional level.


If the symptoms described appear familiar to you, email me so we can schedule an initial consultation ( 50 minutes). A screening test is performed to determine if the primitive reflexes are retained and if there is a correct development of the postural reflexes.


Upon a positive test, a programme adjusted to your needs is recommended to complete at home through daily exercises. This may be a Johansen Sound Programme, a skin stimulation programme or a specific stereotyped movement programme.


These daily activities typically require 5-10 minutes to complete.

To monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments, follow-up reviews are scheduled every 6-8 weeks. The entire process usually requires 12-18 months to complete. If needed, further engagement with the program can be discussed.