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About Unlock Clinic Logo imageMy experience in the social work field for the past 16 years has equipped me with strong abilities to empower and assist families and their children during what appeared to be insurmountable crises. I have gained an understanding of the unique challenges faced by families with children with disabilities and/or mental health and these experiences have ignited my passion to advocate for these individuals and enable their holistic well-being. I have provided counselling and assistance to equip them with skills so they can address the emotional, educational and social aspects of their disability and mental health difficulties.

I have a BA(Hons) in Social Work (2007), a Master in Delinquency and Social Intervention (2009) and a Post Qualifying Diploma/ Bournemouth University (2010). In addition, I have completed training in counselling, neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP), and life coaching to learn about the fundamentals of interaction and communication and to broaden my skills in working with families in crisis, childhood trauma, mental disorders and those entrenched in life difficulties and conflict.

My expertise in acute childhood trauma provided opportunities to liaise with CAMHS and appropriately consider ways of supporting children and parents struggling with their mental health ( depression, anxiety, PTSD, borderline personality disorders, eating disorders, self harming, attachment issues- Mother and Baby Units, adoption etc).

Always being in search of services and therapies to support the children in my work, I discovered Bob Allen’s unique intervention. He is the leading Neuro-developmental therapist based in Windsor, Access Potential Clinic.

I have worked with Bob and been on the programme myself, which has been revolutionary and life changing. I feel that nothing is holding me back anymore and I can fully use my unblocked potential, I am no longer hyperactive and hypersensitive and my reading, writing and working memory are no longer impediments to my growth.

Following my own process, I was motivated to train with Bob. Part of this is because I have always been passionate about enabling individuals to have the best life they can have. But also because I now have the answer as to why, despite many avenues and therapies/methods of intervention accessed by individuals, their difficulties persisted.

My learning process gave me a much deeper understanding of how to optimise functioning of the central nervous system and remove barriers caused by the retained primitive reflexes which prevent children from achieving in line with the potential they were born with.

I am a fully qualified and insured neuro-developmental therapist as well as a Johansen sound therapy provider. I work at Access Potential Clinic in Windsor ( I also have a private practice at Back Active Clinic in Portsmouth (in person sessions) and offer virtual sessions to clients in Romania, Moldova and Turkey ( English speakers) using Facetime or  What’s app.